Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… the art connoisseur

the art connoisseurRybnik appreciates the role of art, thus the city takes numerous cultural initiatives of regional, national and international scope. In Rybnik you can find active community centres, which are in charge of the development of the cultural sector in the city. The most important centres are the Cultural Centre, Elektrownia Rybnik Foundation, Rybnik Philharmonic, Silesian Music Centre and the Municipal Museum. The city offers a wide repertoire of events, known all over the country and beyond its borders. Every year the city is a host of International Festival of Traditional Jazz, Rybnik Blues Festival, Organ Music Festival. The city’s annual cultural programme also includes the International Concert Band Festival “Golden Lyre” and the Autumn with Cabarets ”RYJEK”.


Alliance Française, the international association working in Rybnik, presents rich French culture to the whole community and its neighbours. The centre organizes exhibitions, conferences, lectures, competitions and meetings with French artists.

The cinema, theme parks and art galleries are also a great source of artistic feelings and cultural experiences. The citizens are closely connected with their city and that is why they establish numerous associations, cultivating cultural wealth of the district of Rybnik.

Main artistic events repertoire