Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… educational centre of the region

educational centre of the regionAs a result of economic transformation, Rybnik has become an important educational centre in the whole region. Educational system in this city covers all levels of scholarship, thereby giving young people a chance to complete the desired course of study and implement the career plans. The presence of the universities increased the importance of the city, which now attracts eager to study young people who arrive not only from the region but also from the whole country. The former hospital was adapted into a campus that hosts 5000 students annually, taking courses in technical, humanistic and economic fields. The educational complex formed by affiliated divisions of University of Silesia, University of Economics and Silesian University of Technology, are known for their positive atmosphere favouring intellectual development. Universities in Rybnik constitute a good space for young, ambitious and creative people who want to combine theoretical knowledge with practice. On the campus grounds there is also the Laboratory of Industrial Technology, Centre for the Dissemination of Information Technology and Business Incubator, inspiring young people to launch business activities.

Educational institutions in Rybnik