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Rybnik… environment is our priority

environment is our priorityRybnik is a city with great ecological awareness. In its activity it is guided by the principle of sustainable development, that is why the environmental conservation is so crucial for the city. Rybnik makes all the necessary efforts to cope with recycling, energy savings and rational water management. The city has noted remarkable success in this field which can be proved by sewage treatment, well-maintained surroundings and an extensive system of waste management. These are examples of public-private partnership. To improve air quality, Rybnik offers grants to its inhabitants to install solar systems that reduce CO² emissions to a large extend.


Many ecological campaigns promoting environmentally sound lifestyle are being carried out to improve the ecological awareness in Rybnik. At the turn of 2008 and 2009, the city supported the educational campaign - with the slogan „Think green”, executed by the Centre for the Development of Social Initiatives. As part of this project, the first Ecological Service in Rybnik was created. Its aim was to shape the environmentally friendly attitudes of the inhabitants. The annual environmental events also include „Days of Earth, Water and Air”, “Environmental Conservation Promotion Days” and the nationwide campaign „Clean Up the World”.

Area of parks and lawns in agglomeration of Rybnik in 2002-2010