Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… good place to live

good place to liveWithin 60 years Rybnik has noted a four-fold increase in its population. Demographic development of the city has been closely related to its territorial development and has directly influenced its position in the region. Favourable economic situation and good living conditions attract young people who decide to settle and raise families in this city. According to the recent surveys the city has noted large increase in population among the biggest Silesian cities. The country mainly notes demographic decrease, however in 2009 Rybnik population grew by 195 people. Such raise should be regarded as a huge success. The changing demographic situation affects policy of the city, which expresses concern for the good living conditions of its inhabitants. That is why the city makes so many efforts to improve the life of the citizens to give them comfort and assure various facilities.


Favourable economic situation and development perspective encourage young people to settle and raise families exactly in this city. Local policy, well developed educational infrastructure strengthen position of the city.

Population in Rybnik in 1950-2011