Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… winged business

winged business Investment areas in Rybnik offer an attractive spatial context. In addition to national roads and the A1 and A4 highways, these areas are located in the vicinity of the local airport. The occurrence of the air and road transport in one area creates an opportunity to establish transport corridor in the future, ensuring a smooth combination of different means of transport. This fact gains even more significance in the context of the planned modernisation, which aims to expand the airport and adapt it to business functions.

Currently the airport in Rybnik (code ICAO: EPRG) has the status of the local airport with the reference code 2, with a helipad. In the future it will have two runways and well-developed airport infrastructure. In addition to business traffic, the airport will reinforce airports of a similar nature in the country and abroad located within a radius of 2500 km.