Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… investment areas – areas of new opportunities

Investment areas - the areas of new opportunities

Rybnik competently combines the needs of the region with the specific needs of investors. By adopting this strategy, the city provides the entrepreneurs with the investment areas in an attractive location, situated near the A1 highway and the planned Pszczyna-Racibórz route. The high transport accessibility is influenced by the proximity of the airport and a railway line connected with the European railways network.


Investment areas are located within industrial zone, in the south-eastern outskirts of the city, near the border of Żory city. Its borders are marked by:

  • from the south - DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A, with full technical infrastructure;
  • from the east – sand-coal railway running from „Jankowice” Coal Mine;
  • from the north – the planned Racibórz - Rybnik - Żory – Pszczyna express route;
  • from the west – private land, mostly meadows and wastelands.


According to the current records of the Local Spatial Development Plan, promoted investment area is designed for industrial and service activities. The proposed land development plan shows the investment potential of this area.

According to the exemplary concept, the area was divided into plots intended for production, and quarters, which can be used for large spatial commercial facilities of over 2000m². In the proposed solution the plot surface varies from 2.5 ha to 8.2 ha. Each plot has its technical facilities, parking spaces, and connection with external roads ensured in the Local Spatial Development Plan. Ring road communication system exists in the area, divided by inside roads which cross at a right angle. Such solution ensures independence for all property units. Both, designed roads and those whose course results from the Local Spatial Development Plan constitute clear and bright communication system that enables direct operation of all internal plots and ensures convenient access to particular facilities.

Between investment areas and the airport link roads were designed, running along the existing railway. The road serving the industrial zone constitutes the linkage of Gotarłowicka Street and the main road with fast traffic of the Gotarłowicki Junction.

Eventually the road will connect the area located in the southeastern part of Rybnik with the areas located in the northern part of the town. Entrepreneurs who decide to invest in Rybnik can count on the individual approach toward their needs, as well as tax allowance. Within regional assistance, the city offers tax exemption for investment whose expenditures exceed 30 million PLN.

Total area of investment areas – approximately 57.8 ha.