Rybnik… high-flying city


yesterday… sports projects

realizacja obiektów sportowychFor several years Rybnik has carried out consistent actions to assure perfect conditions for the sports development. The city is developing sport infrastructure by fully equipped facilities for both amateurs and professionals. Recently new sports fields and 12 new gym halls were built thanks to local authorities’ engagement supported by national and EU funding. The program started in 2000. The aim was to purchase the modern equipment for schools allowing students to develop their sport talents. This is a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle and beneficial attitude. The newly built halls are modern facilities, adjusted architecturally to the school buildings. They are equipped with the necessary facilities - changing rooms, bathrooms with showers and facilities for storing equipment.

In the city centre of Rybnik the prestigious sport project is implemented. The local authorities want to modernize the existing swimming pools “Ruda” and create an advanced unit combining commercial features with its current attributes . The area of 50 hectares is likely to become an important sports centre of international importance.