Rybnik… high-flying city


yesterday… modernization of the urban space

modernizacja przestrzeni miejskiejUrban space in Rybnik smartly combines the modern concepts with the historical built-up area. The result of this combination is reflected by Focus Mall, which was built on former brewery site. The project smartly combines modern architecture of the shopping centre with an old malt house the only remaining part of building from the nineteenth-century brewery. The brewery’s historic part in a modern centre shows the historical aspect of the city, thus giving it new commercial meaning.


Focus Mall is an important spatial component of Wolności Square, which, after modernization plays a crucial role in the city. As a result of reconstruction carried out in 2006-2007, this area became a clear and logical urban structure, fitting to the whole civic space in Rybnik. The concept included Wolności Square with a staircase in the direction of Rybnik Cultural Centre, a passage in the direction of market square and Focus Mall shopping centre. By introducing small architecture elements, such as fountains and water cascades the most important public spaces in the city were combined, thus creating an aesthetic frame for the main transport routes and scenic views. The square is limited on one side by a street and on the other by tenement houses. Various colours of materials used in the square pavement separate the pedestrian part and the car lane. Numerous benches, flowerbeds, greenery and lighting elements attract people who are happy to visit this place, which is at a short walking distance of the near amusement park.