Rybnik… high-flying city


today… district redevelopment

district redevelopmentCaring for sustainable development of all parts of the city, Rybnik modernizes its districts, taking into account the spatial, economic and social aspect of this process. To preserve the unique character of the material heritage, the city makes an effort to modernize, renovate and maintain these places, aiming at improving the quality of life. Revitalization has been carried inter alia in Boguszowice district. Its scope covers the modernization of the swimming pool and sports hall and building a catwalk between these objects. Due to these changes, Rybnik creates another modern sports facility, as a part of development programme of the city.


The housing estates in the district of Paruszowiec-Piaski and historic buildings in the city centre were also renovated. The authorities offer tax reliefs to the owners of historic buildings to encourage them to carry out repairs and modernization of their houses.

Rybnik supports the initiative of reviving the forgotten parts of city. Some artistic events take place in the city centre and have their culmination in the unattractive parts of the city. Those actions enable unappealing streets to develop and promote proper social relations by preventing various types of exclusion and marginalization.