Rybnik… high-flying city


today… airport extension

rozbudowa lotniskaThe current economic boom generates a need for Rybnik to establish local airport for business purposes, which would become an easy and fast way of transportation. The purchase of aircrafts is simple, the air transport costs are decreasing and this mean of transport is more and more popular. This factors determine the demand for local air services. Proximity to the airport is especially important for foreign investors and multinational companies, because such airports provide fast and direct access to many places in Europe and worldwide. Establishment of the airport in Rybnik is a common result of the development of transport infrastructure in the city.


Airport extension project in the district of Rybnik Gotartowice is a part of an overall development plan of investment sites. The industrial zone is the principal spatial unit. The project also includes the expressway connecting the airport with business zone. The road will be directly linked with the A1 motorway and the city centre, thus creating major transport amenity. Finally, the project involves expanding the existing airport. Airport in Rybnik, in addition to business purposes, will function as a transport and sports airport.

Airport in Rybnik is crucial for the region’s economy development due to increased economic activity, facilitating commercial, scientific, technical or political cooperation. Road infrastructure, linking the city with the airport (the airport is only 2 km away from the motorway!) provides direct access to the industrial zone, which offers attractive and well prepared investment sites.