Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… transformation – rediscovered city

transformation - rediscovered cityLast 20 years were the times of important changes in Rybnik. In the early 90s coal, regarded as the main strategic resource and essential for the economic development of the city, lost its crucial position. Many countries like France, Germany or the Great Britain had to face the problem of heavy industry. A large number of mines and ironworks was closed when the heavy industry was being restructured. The restructuring measures led to a number of positive results, some major changes were made and Rybnik revealed its new nature. From a typical mining city, Rybnik has evolved into a modern city with educational, service and administrative infrastructure.


In Rybnik you can find numerous private sector companies, which have created new possibilities of employment. The local labour market has become more dynamic. Rybnik is currently undergoing intensive development, including not only the economy but also the road infrastructure, culture and education. The city, adapting to new economic and political conditions, has revealed its valuable assets, so far overshadowed by the heavy industry. Economic transformation of Rybnik has also had a positive impact on the financial situation of the inhabitants.

Former mining character of Rybnik is still visible in remains of the industrial architecture. Mines, mine shafts and exhaust towers create an important image of the landscape in Rybnik. They also confirm that due to economic transformation this urban place has gained many opportunities.

average wage per capita in Rybnik in 2003-2010