Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… good business partner

good business partnerActive participation of the municipal authorities supports the process of the intense development. All the changes and collective needs of the community are under observation of local government which allows to maintain effective policy which meets the expectation of citizens and private entities, investing in Rybnik. A favourable transformation was achieved successfully due to right decisions, effective activity and appropriate responses to the changing environment. This attitude gained recognition in the international forum.


Effectiveness of local authorities in Rybnik is exceptional in comparison to the whole country. The rankings show that the ability of receiving EU funding, urban investments, and proper implementation of the town’s budget are highly appreciated. Rybnik is also a municipal official partner of the European Economic Congress, uniting the most serious environmental factors determining the development of regions and Europe.

Taking the common wealth of the town into consideration, the municipal authorities search for the mutual dialogue with the investors, reducing the administrative procedures to a minimum. Effective communication between the City Council and Investors is an important element in development strategies in Rybnik, so the authorities primarily want to discuss the problems and seek the best solutions. The municipal authorities contribute to the town by giving administrative support and thus providing a favourable background for the investments. Modernity and openness of the local government as well as the encouraging partnership background – these are the factors that urge the stakeholders to invest in Rybnik.

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