Rybnik… high-flying city


yesterday… Centre for Higher Education

Zespół Szkół Wyższych w RybnikuThe emergence of universities in Rybnik largely influenced the image of the city. This investment is one of the major successes of this place, which affected its current position. The educational, research and cultural potential has grown immediately.


The Centre for Higher Education in the centre of Rybnik in the former hospital area on Rudzka Street. Restoration of the building as well as transformation of the building into an academic unit was done in 1999-2002. According to the project the pre-war architectural values were combined with forms of contemporary architecture, thus the facade remained untouched. This created a modern training centre, which in its spatial structure is strongly the pre-war building version. Campus is a unique place favouring intellectual development of the students. The staff and the students can make use of modern halls, and library service points equipped with the latest technology computer labs. The greenery nearby the campus and Nacyna river creates the unusual atmosphere. There are also parking lots, walking paths, benches, and the stage used during various festivals and events. It is important to mention that the centre is fully accessible for disabled people.

The originality of campus has received general recognition. The project received the Marshal Grand Prix in the architectural competition organized by the Silesian Voivodship Board and the Association of Polish Architects in the category of the best managed public space in Silesian region.