Rybnik… high-flying city



Rybnik location on Polish territory with specification within Silesian Voivodeship

Rybnik is one of the most innovative and economically developed cities in Poland. Great investment opportunities, transport accessibility, high quality of labour market, favourable social climate and technical infrastructure prepared professionally – these are the main advantages of Rybnik, which effectively attracts both Polish and foreign investors.


The investment attractiveness of Rybnik is mainly determined by its location. The city is located in the south-western part of Silesian Voivodeship, on the route of the A1 and A4 highways, and there are only 24 km from the Czech Republic border. Convenient location of the city within the trans-European transport corridors gives a strategic importance for trade and exchange in the European context. The great communication potential of Rybnik is also shaped by the dense network of local roads and a rail junction, which constitutes a part of well developed Polish railway system. In addition, the communication infrastructure of Rybnik will be improved by expansion of the business airport, planned for the coming years.

Due to its convenient location and easy access to the strategic road network, many companies representing various industries and services have invested their capital in the city. The business atmosphere of Rybnik is created by the energy, engineering, logistics, transport and mining industries, as well as companies offering advanced technologies. Their presence creates a favourable business environment for new investors. It is worth highlighting that the success of entrepreneurs in Rybnik is largely determined by the involvement of local authorities, who make an effort to create optimal conditions for investment projects in Rybnik.

City of Rybnik supports entrepreneurs at every stage of the investment, starting from the search of the suitable land, to the recruitment of well qualified workers, up to the commencement of the project. To ensure investors well-trained and competent staff of engineers and professionals the city cooperates with numerous well known educational centres, existing in Rybnik and reputable universities such as the Silesian University, the University of Economics as well as the Silesian University of Technology, which shape and react on the needs of the local labour market and companies' business profile. Highly qualified employees are also provided by a well-developed vocational education and training tightly integrated with socio-economic conditions of the city. In this way, a specialized workforce is at entrepreneurs' disposal, and the recruitment process, in co-operation with the local employment agency proceeds quickly and efficiently, accelerating the start of the investment.
Distance in a straight line between Rybnik and certain European capitals:

Bratislava - 242 km
Vienna - 264 km
Warsaw - 293 km
Prague - 295 km
Budapest - 292 km
Berlin - 448 km
Bern - 891 km
Amsterdam - 985 km
Paris - 1179 km
Oslo - 1199 km
London - 1322 km
Madrit - 2039 km