Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik is experiencing its golden age. This city is more frequently mentioned with the most important Polish cities attracting crucial investors. What is the main driving force of these changes?

Undoubtedly, the success of the city is openness of the authorities to investors’ expectations, the current Local Spatial Development Plan covering the whole city. Each investor receives help from the preliminary stages like searching for land for the investment, to the implementation and completion of the project. There is one person in charge of supporting the investors. It makes it much easier to obtain specific information and raise the research efficiency. Investors are also attracted by a good technical infrastructure (sites for investment) and human capital.


The industrial zones of the Silesian agglomeration are getting tighter. What about the situation in Rybnik?

In Rybnik we have two large areas for the industrial activity. The city offers interesting investment opportunities. One of the investment zones is located in the vicinity of the Rybnik Power Station, part of the Katowice Special Economic Zone. Due to this localization a company can obtain a special investment allowance. In the special economic zone two investments had already been made, and the production successfully had started. The second investment area is located near the airport and the A1 motorway.

Rybnik is one of the few cities that have an investment areas in the city centre. What is the feedback from the investors in reference to these sites?

Areas located in the city centre are very popular among investors. The preliminary concepts for development of these two sites in the city centre have been prepared. We bear in mind the investors’ expectations as well as the best management of these areas. These areas are ideal for the construction of such facilities as hotels, business centres and commercial-service facilities.

signature Iwona Kowalska-Nawrocka
Iwona Kowalska-Nawrocka
Department of City Development, Economy Promotion and European Integration,
Rybnik City Council, in charge of contact with the investors