Rybnik… high-flying city


Rybnik… low unemployment rate

 low unemployment rateHigh employment level in Rybnik is one of the fundamental factors of city development, favouring its inhabitants’ satisfaction. The labour market was previously dominated by employment in the industry. Restructuring of the mining and heavy industry in 1990s transformed the employment sector. Henceforth the energy industry and services have gained the importance. These changes favoured the state of the city and advanced its development.


Rybnik tries to meet the needs of both unemployed and employers, by taking various initiatives on the local market. The city cares about and tries to activate those social groups that are particularly at risk of joblessness. These actions effectively reduce the unemployment rate amounting 7.5% (current data from December 2011). In this regard, this result is below the national average level, which is 12.5%. The European Union, struggles with 10% unemployment rate which means that Rybnik is in much better position. It is very easy to find a job in Rybnik and such possibility is incredibly encouraging.

One of the most important investors and crucial employers in Rybnik is Tenneco Automotive Polska. The factory in Rybnik producing exhaust systems employs 1016 employees. Since 2006 in Tenneco works the R&D Center which give the possibility of exhaust systems testing.

Unemployment in Rybnik in 2002-2010